Harlands Primary School

Sports Premium

In FY 2017/18, Harlands received £19,640 in additional sports funding.

To give some idea of the benefit this additional funding brings, in March 2018, three Harlands teams represented the school in the Mid-Sussex Active Quick Sticks hockey tournament at Downlands in Hassocks.

16 teams took part in this district final but it was two of the Harlands teams that progressed unbeaten to the final, winning 15 matches and drawing just one game on the way. As a result of their outstanding performances, both teams progress to the next round of the competition, but this is only part of the story.

Over the past few years, all primary schools have received a PE Premium grant directly from the government. The money involved is ring-fenced and must be used to enhance the sport and PE opportunities of children across Key Stages 1 and 2. Schools are able to spend it as they see fit

Thanks to PE Premium funding we have been able to purchase new equipment, access new resources, and send staff on training courses!

Year 6's hockey success is just one example of how the PE Premium money has been spent in order to enhance the sporting experiences of children in the school. Several years ago, the school only had a small number of broken, plastic hockey sticks and the sport didn't really feature in the school's sporting offering. However, thanks to the PE Premium funding, we have been able to purchase new equipment, access new resources, send staff on training courses, provide additional inter-school match opportunities and - most importantly - improve hockey lessons in school for all Key Stage 2 year groups.

Our PE Premium funding has also had many other benefits too, many of which are linked to the fact that Mr Simmonds (the PE co-ordinator) has been able to work alongside class-teachers across the schools to help them to deliver high quality PE sessions in curriculum time. During the last year, success stories include: the development of PopLax and basketball in Year 5; gymnastics support in Year 2, which has allowed all children to become far more confident rollers; gymnastics support in Year 1; enahnced tennis provision in Year 4; swimming competition entry for Years 5 and 6; an athletics carousel in Years 5 and 6.

At a time when funding is often tight, it is incredibly important to use any support purposefully and effectively and the performance of the Year 6 hockey team and  many other sporting developments listed in our newsletters illustrate that Harlands is certainly doing this.

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