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Year 6 School Journey - May 2023


And so all good things come to an end, with a visit to Blackgang Chine where the children really enjoyed the water slides and also a new ride called Extinction.  After lunch overlooking the sea, it was all too soon time to reboard the coach and return to the ferry for the trip back to school - a trip that was noticeably quieter than the outward one!

All the children seemed to have a wonderful time, challenged themselves and overcame some of their fears, all of which will stand them in good stead for their transfer to secondary school in September.  And for the staff who were with them, it was a pleasure and privilege to spend these wonderful few days with them.




Although the day began with rather a lot of cloud, the children were off early down to the Beach to produce the traditional Harlands sign.

Fortunately the sun soon broke through, and the children had a wonderful morning building sand sculptures, after which they were able to enjoy some free time to play beach games, enjoy a spot of sunbathing or try their hand at fishing.  Some children even had a dip in the sea - it was meant to be just a paddle but a few were rather enthusiastic!

The rest of the day has been taken up with catching up on activities such as climbing and nightline.

This evening we have a celebratory camp fire - assuming the children have managed to reunite most of their belongings into their own cases before hand!

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On Tuesday evening we took the children for a lovely walk along the coast path to the Culver Monument.  The walk offers spectacular views of Whitecliff Bay Beach, and from the monument it was possible to see in to Sandown Bay, back to Portsmouth and Southampton.

Today has been another glorious day spent enjoying the attractions at Robin Hill Country Park, which is right in the middle of the Isle of Wight.  All the children had the opportunity to go on the Toboggan Ride (and the adults also had a go as well), and then we watched the display of Birds of Prey in flight.  The birds fly very low and some children literally felt them sweep past just above their heads at low level.  We also saw a beautiful albino peacock, which visited us later in the afternoon.

After lunch in a suitably shady spot, the children were able to enjoy a variety of rides, including Colossus, a 4D Cinema, and expend lots of energy on the squirrel run.

We are now all looking forward to the evening entertainment, which today is a home grown talent show.

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It's been a super day of gorgeous warm sunshine, lots of suntan lotion, and copious refilling of water bottles!  All the children have had the opportunity to do Archery, challenge themselves on the Zip Wire, and really conquer their fears of heights on the abseiling tower.  We also apologise if some of the clothes the children have been wearing smell rather smokey - they have very much enjoyed building their own mini camp fires during a bush craft activity.

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After a wonderful early start this morning, and a lovely crossing to the Isle of Wight, the sun broke out and the children have had a most enjoyable afternoon at Carisbrooke Castle.

The children were able to explore in their activities groups, and enjoying the wall walk, visiting the original Mote Castle, finding the well - where it takes about 5 seconds when a stone is dropped down it before you hear it hit any water - the castle gatehouse, and museum.

Despite the journey to Bembridge taking a little longer than usual due to a number of road works, we arrived safely at around 4.15pm.  The children have now all made their beds, and had dinner.  It will soon be time for evening activities.

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