Harlands Primary School

Working Memory

Working Memory is like our mind’s sticky note, it allows us to work with the information without losing track of what we are doing.

At Harlands Primary School, we recognise that Working Memory is important for all aspects of learning.  We support our pupils to strengthen their working memory within our teaching practice, but for those pupils who need extra support, we have working memory interventions.

Our interventions are a multi-sensory programme where memory tricks are presented as a game. This helps pupils to develop their working memory by exploring all different ideas, and finding out which methods help them as they learn.

These tricks are:

  • Focus
  • Rehearsal
  • Group/Chunking
  • Visualisations
  • Mind Maps
  • Mnemonics

Please click here for more details about working memory

Please click here for memory games that can be played at home to help support your child.

Updated September 2021