Harlands Primary School

School Council

The school councillors for 2023/24 are:

Class Lead Deputy
Beech (Y1)


Oak (Y1) Evia Mia
Rowan (Y2) Jack D Harry
Willow (Y2) Ellie Elliot
Elm (Y3) Patrick Molly
Hazel (Y3) Elizabeth Margo
Chestnut (Y4) Ben Finley L
Hawthorn (Y4) Christopher   Daniel
Acer (Y5) Alice Arthur
Birch (Y5) Rosa Lilly
Lime (Y6) Hella Patrick
Maple (Y6) Harvey Hiruthi
School Councillors updated January 2023

What we get out of being on School Council (22/23)

I enjoy learning about being kind and safe - Bertie

I like how we can meet and work with others from across the school - Jake

I like working on whole-school projects - Thomas

It is good to have the opportunity to talk about important things - Aston

I like sharing the ideas from my class - Alexa

It is good to be involved in school decision making - Nora


Comments from previous School Council members:

I want to be able to help my class and make the school a better place.  Being on School Council is also helping me develop my independence skills - Fleur

I would love to make the school more environmentally friendly - Jack 

I enjoy knowing more about how the school works - Martha 

I want to be able to listen to ideas.  Being on School Council is helping me develop my confidence.  I like doing presentations to others and learning about new things - such as Parliament - Tiana 

I want to make our school a better place and make it more enjoyable - Holly 

I can listen to people's concerns and find answers for them.  It is fun - Harley 

I want to make our school as perfect as we can make it.  I want to help the school to solve problems -  Grayson 



This year school council have been involved in the following whole-school projects:

  • Anti-bullying week (Nov 2021)
  • Internet safety initiatives (Jan-Feb 2022)
  • West Sussex Youth Parliament Democracy Awards (Feb 2022)



 Updated March 2022