Harlands Primary School

School Council

The school councillors for 2021-22 are:

Rowan (Y2) Jesse
Willow (Y2) Max
Elm (Y3) Bertie
Hazel (Y3) Oliver
Chestnut (Y4) Teddy
Hawthorn (Y4) Courtney
Acer (Y5) Thomas
Birch (Y5) Aston
Lime (Y6) Ben & Alexa
Maple (Y6) Nora & Kate (Co-Chairs)
School Councillors updated March 2022

What we get out of being on School Council 

I enjoy learning about being kind and safe - Bertie

I like how we can meet and work with others from across the school - Jake

I like working on whole-school projects - Thomas

It is good to have the opportunity to talk about important things - Aston

I like sharing the ideas from my class - Alexa

It is good to be involved in school decision making - Nora


Comments from previous School Council members:

I want to be able to help my class and make the school a better place.  Being on School Council is also helping me develop my independence skills - Fleur

I would love to make the school more environmentally friendly - Jack 

I enjoy knowing more about how the school works - Martha 

I want to be able to listen to ideas.  Being on School Council is helping me develop my confidence.  I like doing presentations to others and learning about new things - such as Parliament - Tiana 

I want to make our school a better place and make it more enjoyable - Holly 

I can listen to people's concerns and find answers for them.  It is fun - Harley 

I want to make our school as perfect as we can make it.  I want to help the school to solve problems -  Grayson 



This year school council have been involved in the following whole-school projects:

  • Anti-bullying week (Nov 2021)
  • Internet safety initiatives (Jan-Feb 2022)
  • West Sussex Youth Parliament Democracy Awards (Feb 2022)



 Updated March 2022