Harlands Primary School


Five of the Harlands Governors are also "members" of Harlands Educational Trust.  These are the governors who have the legal responsibility for the Academy Trust as a charitable company limited by guarantee.  The governor representative is appointed by the other governors, whilst the other four hold the position by virtue of their governor responsibilities. 

On 27 September 2018, the five Members passed a Special Resolution to appoint an additional sixth Member.

For the academic year 2018/19, the Members are: 

Chair of Governors Mrs Allie Young
Vice Chair of Governors Mrs Cheryl Larocque                                                       
Academy Premises Governor Mr Frank Gainsbury
Academy Finance Governor Mr Paul Mills (from 04/12/18)
Academy Governor Representative                                                           Mr Jim Thorne
Additional Member Mrs Sandie Sansom

Other officials of the trust are:

Accounting Officer Mrs Jane Goodlace (Headteacher)                               

Company Secretary and Clerk to the Governing Body                          

Mrs Karen Michael
Principal Finance Officer Mrs Lucy Francis (from 05/11/18)
 Updated 16 November 2018