Harlands Primary School


The updated Articles of Association from March 2022 separated the role of Members from that of Trustees, and during the summer of 2022 steps were taken to recruit new, independent members.  With effect from November  2022, the Members are: 

Mrs Sandie Sansom Member (formerly both a Trustee and Member until 31.08.2022, then re-appointed as a Member only from 01.09.2022)
Mr Mike Nichols Member from 27.06.2022
Mr Greg Stenner Member from 27.06.2022
Mr Rustom Tata Member from 27.06.22
Mrs Ruth de Mierre Member from 05.06.23 (formerly a Trustee)

Mr Jim Thorne resigned as a Member with effect from 05.06.23

 Updated June 2023