Harlands Primary School

Harlands PTA Fundraising Initiatives

Match Funding

Does your employer have a match funding  policy, matching funds you raise for charities like Harlands PTA?  Ask your HR department and let us know.  We can provide you with the information you need to support your match funding application.

At the Summer Fair 2023, we raised over £500 from one fantastic PTA member on a single stall!  With your help, we could raise so much more.  Contact us if you need further information:  HarlandsPTA@gmail.com

Note - the same applies to company volunteering policies.  Your employer may have a policy in place allowing you paid days away from work for volunteering.  Ask your HR department and contact us if you need any supporting information.

Updated October 2023

Harlands Lottery

 The PTA runs a lottery with draws taking place on the last Friday of each month.

Applications for the 2023-24 Lottery closed on 20 September, so keep an eye out for next year's invitation at the start of the school year.

Updated October 2023

Easy Fundraising

This amazing website donates money to the PTA when you shop online.  All major retailers are included and you only have to sign up once, then you will get a reminder or notification when you shop online.  With just one extra click, Harlands PTA receive either a fixed amount or a percentage of your shop.

Easyfundraising will give us a £5 bonus donation for every supporter who signs up through this unique link. Once you reach the website, click on the “support this cause” button and fill in your details to register. Finally spend as normally and we can watch the cash roll in!

Updated October 2023


As fast way to name your children's belonging so they don't end up in the lost property box"  Stamptastic's magic ink withstands 50 washes on care labels without fading.  Your can customise your personalised name steps via http://bit.ly/STAMPRH161PJ

In order to earn a donation for Harlands PTA, don't forget to use our school code when prompted - RH161PJ

Updated October 2023

My Name Tags

 We have an arrangement with www.mynametags.com who will donate 24% of your order value to the PTA.  All you have to do is use our school ID which is 29203 when you order.  Great for labelling everything and helps avoid losing items at school or elsewhere.

Updated October 2023