Harlands Primary School


Curriculum Statement


At Harlands, we foster children’s development of art through our Golden Threads of creativity, community and choice.  This ethos ensures that our young people will take a positive view of art, and will be able to access the material to cultivate powerful skills and knowledge of the subject.  By the time they leave the school, pupils will be able to meet their aspirations of expressing and empowering themselves through art, becoming critical thinkers and appreciating the world around us.

Art at Harlands aims to excite and inspire children through a wide range of interactive and fun learning experiences, so that they can:


At Harlands there is a progressive curriculum that covers the five strands of art learning – namely drawing, painting, print-making, textiles and sculpture – for children to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination.

The teaching of art at Harlands takes a cross-curricular approach and is about experimenting, developing skills, studying the work of other artists and enjoying working with a range of different media and materials to achieve different effects.

At Harlands, we use Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction to challenge and inspire our pupils through targeted questioning, guided practice, and regular review.

In Early Years, children’s interest in art is ignited in ‘expressive arts and design’ – through using different media and materials to discover their properties, modifying and manipulating them.  Children are encouraged to be imaginative – building on their experiences of the real world and transforming them into something new.  In Early Years, Art helps children to be creative.  They are also encouraged to choose and use materials and resources in an open-ended way helps them to make choices and to have confidence in their own ideas.

Key Stage 1 children are taught to:

Key Stage 2 children are taught to:

Differentiation and challenge in Art are facilitated through outcome.

Children evaluate this work against the objectives of the lessons and decide where their learning will go next.  Teachers have high expectations of all children, and use a skills continuum to plan and assess progress.

At Harlands we also have either an annual Arts Week based upon the National Gallery ‘Take One Picture’ project or a theme of our choice.  Work produce is exhibited for all parents and carers to celebrate the achievements by the children.


 We believe that every child has the potential to become a confident and successful artist.  Our children develop the ability to:
  • be creative and express themselves through art;
  • appreciate a range of art and artists;
  • enjoy and appreciate art;
  • have a knowledge of art history;
  • explore cultures through art;
  • describe the world around them describing things in terms of form, tone and colour; and
  • have confidence to explore art now and in the future.

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Updated April 2022