Harlands Primary School

Year 6 School Journey - May 2024

Good evening from Kingswood.

There have already been a couple of "firsts" today - the coach arrived bang on time, and then because we made good speed to Portsmouth, we were able to go over on the 10.00am ferry, instead of the 10.40.  This meant that the children were taken straight to Sandown, to have lunch on the beach, before visiting Dinosaur Isle.

At Dinosaur Isle the children had a chance to view the exhibition, have a talk on fossils with the opportunity to handle some of them, before spending a delightful time on the beach, looking for fossils themselves.

It has been a glorious day - pleasant sunshine, lots of smiling faces, and now the children are all playing rounders before a late dinner and evening activities.

We are on the late sitting for meals, which is good for breakfast time, but not so good for lunch and dinner, However, it does mean that the website should be updated around 5.45 each day.

Isle of Wight - Monday 20 May 2024