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Curriculum Statement

At Harlands, we foster children’s development through our Golden Threads of creativity, community and choice


At Harlands, our aim is to provide the best possible school experience for all of our children allowing them to leave the school as confident, capable citizens with drive, ambition and the necessary skills set to allow them to succeed in whatever area they choose as adults.  As educators, we know all children have the ability to excel and we recognise that it is our job to unleash their excellence. 

Therefore, as practitioners, we must make sure we are striving for excellence; developing a strong moral purpose within the school by delivering an enquiry focused, broad and balanced curriculum.  To provide excellence we must constantly be growing and developing as teachers and leaders.  As a school team, we are all focused on the school’s shared vision.   These can be seem in all of our classes, all around the school and in how our curriculum is planned.  All of our subjects have curriculum statements that give an overview of the teaching and learning that takes place at Harlands.  These curriculum statements are all organised in the same way:


Our aim is for our children to become happy healthy global citizens.   We have seven key values that underpin our ethos School Values (respect, responsible, optimism, tolerance, kindness, critical thinking and confidence).  Our overall Moral Purpose, Golden Threads (of creativity, community and choice) and curriculum further develop these values and they are woven into the curriculum through purposeful links.


Skills and knowledge are taught discretely in subject areas so that our children gain a broad understanding of each subject and know exactly what subject they are learning about.  However, the curriculum is designed to embed transferable skills and where possible make purposeful links, and our Golden Threads help us to do this. 

We recognise that at our school children learn best when they:

To complement the above Quality First Teaching, The Learning Pit, Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction and The Zones of Regulation are used throughout the school to ensure safe learning environments where mistakes are part of the learning journey, where children are encouraged and supported to self-regulate; and where children are engaged, enthused and challenged in their learning.


At Harlands, we recognise and value the uniqueness of our children.  By having high aspirations for all and striving for excellence in our curriculum, we hope to support all of our children so they can reach their full potential, not just academically but with equal emphasis on their wellbeing.  Our ambition is for our children to be well rounded, happy positive school leavers with growth mindsets and the skills they need to be lifelong learners and global citizens.  Our Golden Threads and values underpin our whole school Moral Purpose and can be seen across our curriculum.


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Overall Curriculum Implementation

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Summer 2023 Week 13 - Sports Day Ready
Summer 2023 Week 12 - We Are All Different
Summer 2023 Week 11 - September Ready
Summer 2023 Week 10 - Science Fair
Summer 2023 Week 9 - World Music Day
Summer 2023 Week 8 - World Environment Day
Summer 2023 Week 7 - Mary Anning
Summer 2023 Week 3 - EuroDiversity
Summer 2023 Week 2 = King's Coronation
Summer 2023 Week 1 - Earth Day (part one)
Summer 2023 Week 1 - Earth Day (part two)
Spring 2023 Week 12 - Global Easter Celebrations
Spring 2023 Week 11 - Ramadan
Spring 2023 Week 10 - Feel Empowered
Spring 2023 Week 8 - World Book Day
Spring 2023  Week 6 - Mental Heath Awareness
Spring 2023 Week 4 - Year of the Rabbit
Spring 2023 Week 3 - Dragon Adventures
Spring 2023 Week 2 - Role Models
Autumn 2022 Week 14 - Christmas Spirit
Autumn 2022 Week 13 - Artistic Talents
Autumn 2022 Week 12 - Poland & Advent Traditions
Autumn 2022 Week 11 - World Cup
Autumn 2022 Week 10 - Reach Out
Autumn 2022 Week 9 -  How Science Helps Us
Autumn 2022 Week 8 - Hope In Action
Autumn 2022 Week 7 - A Powerful Story
Autumn 2022 Week 6 - Harvest Traditions Around The World
Autumn 2022 Week 5 - Planet Walker
Autumn 2022 Week 4 - Leisure time
Autumn 2022 Week 3 -  It's Up To Us


Summer 2022 Week 36 - Moving On Up
Summer 2022 Week 35 - Commonwealth Games
Summer 2022 Week 34 - Child Refugee - Little Amal
Summer 2022 Week 33 - Welcoming Others
Summer 2022 Week 32 - Global Communities
Summer 2022 Week 31 - Diversity
Summer 2022 Week 30 - Respect
Summer 2022 Week 29 - Empowered
Summer 2022 Week 26 - Working Together - Earth Day 2022
Spring 2022 Week 25 - Safety First
Spring 2022 Week 24 - Easter Around The World
Spring 2022 Week 23 - Staying Motivated
Spring 2022 Week 22 - Motivation
Spring 2022 Week 21 - Eco Awards and Rob The Beach Comber
Spring 2022 Week 20 (1) - Democracy In Action
Spring 2022 Week 20 (2) - Peer Pressure
Spring 2022 Week 19 - Safer Internet Day
Spring 2022 Week 18 - Chinese New Year
Spring 2022 Week 17 - Grace Darling Heroine
Spring 2022 Week 16 - Martin Luther King
Spring 2022 Week 15 - Internet Safety for 2022
Spring 2022 Week 14 - New Year Dreams
Spring 2022 Week 13 - Creativity
Autumn 2021 Week 12 - Dyslexia Awareness
Autumn 2021 Week 11 - Choices
Autumn 2021 Week 10 - Y6 Malala: a Brave Voice Speaking Out for Girls
Autumn 2021 Week 9 - Climate Leader Competition
Autumn 2021 Week 8 - KS2 Diwali
Autumn 2021 Week 7 - Harvest Festival and Homeless Charity
Autumn 2021 Week 6 - Taking Responsibility
Autumn 2021 Week 5 - Learning From Our Mistakes
Autumn 2021 Week 4 - Random Acts of GREEN Kindness
Autumn 2021 Week 3 - Kindness
Autumn 2021 Week 2 - Be Yourself
Autumn 2021 Week 1 - Welcome Back
Summer 2021 - End of Term Goodbyes
Summer 2021 - International Nurses Day
Updated July 2023

Active Global Citizenship

A Mystery in History - Easter Island

Assemblies - Pupil Safety / Anti-Bullying

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Click the link to view our Assembly on Stranger Danger and visit from the Police.
Click the link to view our KS1 and KS2 Assembly on the NSPCC "Speak Out and Stay Safe" campaign.
Updated December 2022