Harlands Primary School

Year 6 School Journey 2021



After last night's talent show, which was really good, the children have enjoyed a lovely morning on the beach.  The children made sculptures and had some general fun on the beach but because they have been so good, Mrs Glew relented and let those who wanted to enjoy a paddle as well.

The afternoon has seen the children taking part in another batch of activities, including problem solving and nightline.  Nightline is responsible for the muddy trainers that will be coming home tomorrow!  But it was a great team building exercise with much fun had by all.  The children will be enjoying a Camp Fire activity this evening after dinner - assuming that most of the contents of their cases are back inside them!



Last night, after dinner, the children went on a lovely coastal walk up to the top of the Culver Monument.  The views along the coast, both back to Portsmouth and further around the Island, were spectacular.

Today, we have spent the whole day at Robin Hill.  Highlights have included the toboggan run, Colossus, the falconry display, and the opportunity for lots of climbing, sliding and just generally enjoying being children.  The adults have thoroughly enjoyed the day as well!

Now the children are preparing for the eagerly anticipated talent show this evening.




Today has been a day of high achievements - that is, the children have spent a large part of the day facing their fears, challenging themselves, and persevering so much on the high ropes which included abseiling, leap of faith, Jacobs Ladder and the Balance Beam.  It has been a day of some truly fantastic team building and we are very proud of them all.  And just to prove that Mrs Glew and Mr Colgate would not ask the children to do something they would not do themselves, see if you can spot them in the photos!



Dear Parents,

After a smooth journey to Portsmouth the ferry left five minutes early, and the sun began to shine.  Making good time to Carisbrooke Castle the children were met by Ed the Archer (a volunteer guide) who gave the children an absolutely fascinating insight into the castle, bringing everything alive.  The children even got to see inside the beautiful chapel.

After a late dinner (very tasty food), the children have enjoyed an evening of team games - even though unfortunately it started to rain and we had to retreat into the Sports Hall.

Children now in bed, adults chilling, ready for another exciting day tomorrow.

Mrs Michael