Harlands Primary School


Harlands School became a standalone academy, a state-funded school, but not under local authority control, from Tuesday 1st April 2014.

Academy status gives a range of freedoms and autonomy to do the very best for our children in educational innovation and raising standards.

This move was a significant milestone for us supporting our vision of “striving for excellence, valuing everyone and our world.” 

We are still a part of West Sussex and will continue to collaborate closely with neighbouring schools whilst networking with a wider community of learning communities. 

Academy freedoms and opportunities open to us include: 

Harlands is an excellent school with high academic standards and a reputation for giving children opportunities to develop into confident, accomplished and considerate young people with a love of learning.

We are very proud of the achievements of our children. Our school community works closely together to provide the very best for your child.

We cannot hope to tell you about our school in a few pages on a website, or answer all your questions, but we hope that what you see here will inspire you to visit us and see for yourself Harlands’ wonderful, nurturing learning environment.

Mrs J E Goodlace | Headteacher