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Robot City

On 5th January, Year 5 had a visit from the author, Paul Collicutt, who writes and illustrates the "Robot City" books.  What follows below is a selection of the children's writing, together with photographs of the Robot City that was created in the school hall.  Any grammatical or spelling errors in what follows comes from the children.

On the 1st day of this topic, we had Paul (the creator of Robot City) come in to tell us about his fantastic creation.  It was the 5th of January and we were shown how to draw robots as well as him.  He told us how he made the robots look so realistic;  he said that he shadowed them and drew lots of backgrounds.  Since then we did loads of work including creating a robot city out of cardboard boxes.  In the end we finished it and it looked amazing!  I hope we can do something like this again.

We have been on an amazing journey with robot city.  It has been tiring and messy but ended up amazing.  We did lots of really cool and fun things and projects like creating our own city, making and describing our very own robots and meeting Paul Collicutt.  Paul told us about how our lives may be in the future.  He is a very talented artist and author who inspired us all.  I found out many things like how to shade in my pictures and much more.  I enjoyed every minute of our robot city adventure.  We improved our skills in a fun and cool way.  Our final art project was mind blowing and incredible at the same time.  Our time with robot city has really helped our skills and I hope we do something like this again.

We are going to take you on our journey through Robot City.  We have made some amazing buildings and made it to a city.  He's the journey:

Firstly, we had a man called Paul Collicutt and he came in to talk about his work but then he suddenly said for us to create and draw our own robot.  We could've done anything eg pizza delivery, school work helper.

We then got a sheet of paper to do drawing.  He taught us how to shade, how to hold the pencil and how to draw it.  We got back into our own classes and wrote a bit about it.

Over the next week, we made a setting and wrote about it.  And copied it to our gold books.

The exciting part was coming up so we designed our very own buildings (even though we did have an image).  We brought in boxes to create our buildings (that took a while).  Paper mached and then painted.

That's our journey.

This term, year five did a project on "Robot City".  We all loved it so much (I think).  The highlite was probably the art and creating are own version of robot city (it certainly took the longest).  But on the 4th of May we put both classes masterpieces together and created a woppamazing (if that's a word) robot city.  It was great, I'd say 8-9 weeks well spent!




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