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Year 6 School Journey 2017

This page will be updated during the period 15-19 May 2017.

Thursday, 18 May

Mrs Goodlace reports that after the rather wet day at Robin Hill and 10-Pin Bowling, the children put on an amazing Talent Show for themselves last night, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

This morning has dawned dry and bright, though obviously rather wet underfoot, but the children will be going to the beach as planned to make sand sculptures.  This also means that the onsite equipment will have a chance to dry out, some hopefully some serious rock-climbing/abseiling etc will be able to go ahead this afternoon, before the children enjoy a disco with all the other guests at Kingswood this evening.

And there will, of course, be the small problem of trying to get most of their clothes back into their bags tonight - creative packing is what we call it!

Wednesday, 17 May

We are pleased to report that all is well, and the children are clearly enjoying themselves. Although it is rather grey and damp this morning, they have still gone to Robin Hill and Mrs Glew reports that the children are having a whale of a time at the park.   Hopefully we will be able to update with some photographs later on.


Unfortunately it got a little too wet at Robin Hill, so the back-up plan was deployed, and the children went 10-pin bowling instead.

Tuesday, 16 May

Mrs Goodlace has reported that the children slept reasonsably well, though they are always a bit restless on the first night as they get to grips with being in dormitories and away from home.

Mrs Goodlace also reported that the children are eating well.  The food is good quality, and special diets are well catered for.  What the children did find strange was having to queue up for their food, and then clear away afterwards, and the noise in the dining hall - apparently there are two other large schools on site this week.  However, Mrs Goodlace commented that she was really pleased with the children's behaviour at mealtime last night and this morning, and that the children showed high standards of manners.

Today the children have a very full programme with activities including fencing, orienteering, abseiling and climbing, and the weather is currently warm and dry.  Hopefully they should be tired out tonight and will sleep better!

Monday, 15 May

We can confirm that the children have arrived safely at Dinosaur Isle, and as they are having lunch outside first, it must be reasonably dry. 

This is Ruskin House, within the Kingswood Centre at Bembridge, where the children are staying.  The teachers sleep in the central block, with boys one one side, girls on the other.  Another school will be occupying the top floor, which is completely separate, but not until later in the week.

This is one of the dormitories for the children.   This is probably the only time that the floor will be visible!



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