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If you're a pupil at Harlands this is your area of the website. There's information on after school clubs, school uniform and some links to other great websites. If you want to see something included here, why not let us know?

School Rules

Our school rules are to be referred to as our Code of Conduct with the one simple rule of "Respect".  Rights and Responsibilities are used to break down and explain how we do this.  These rights and responsbilities aim to:

*  Improve pupil self-esteem.
*  Enhance pupil's more develoment.
*  Improve behavioru and relationships (reduce bullying, exclusion and improve attendance).
*  Nurture more positive attitudes towards diversity in society and reduce prejudice.
*  Develop pupils as global citizens.
*  Effect overall school improvement (including learning environment and academic standards).
*  Enance job satisfaction for teachers.

These rights and responsibilities are:


* To be listened to and spoken to politely
* To learn
* To express ourselves creatively
* To be trusted
* To be treated equally and fairly
* To all opportunities to particpate
* To friendship
* To a supportive learning environment
* To be excited by our learning
* To good teachers
* To be safe and cared for
* To our basic needs
* To be happy


* To be well mannered and polite
* To share and work effectively with others
* To respect the opinions and ideas of others
* To tell the truth
* To treat others as you wish to be treated
* To include everyone
* To be friendly and kind
* To look after our environment and everything in it
* To focus on my work and always do my best
* To behave sensibly
* To listen
* To meet my targets
* To use technology safely and sensibly
* To be calm
* To be on time
* To smile

What happens if something goes wrong?

All adults in school will ask the same questions to help modify future behaviour.  In others words, they will help pupils learn from what has happenened.

The questions are:

What happened?

Who has been affected (rights and responsibilities, and feelings)?

Apology - to whoever has been affected.

Next time - how will behaviour be changed?

Rewards and Sanctions at Harlands


·     Praise
·     House points
- Effort
- Achievement
- Progress
·     Praise
·     Rewards in class (comments, stickers, stamps…)
·     House points
·     Share with Head Teacher
·     Certificate in award assembly
Positive behaviour
·     Praise
·     Rewards in class
·     Citizenship certificate
Helping others
e.g. adults around school, events, supporting younger children
·     Praise
·     House points
·     Citizenship certificate
Positions of responsibility
(monitors, council reps, extra curricular activities)
·     Praise
·     House points
Outstanding achievement
·     Praise
·     House points
·     Newsletter, web page
·     Awards assembly


Incorrect uniform
·     Warning
·     Speak to leadership
·     Letter home to parents
Not completing homework
·     Extension to next week
·     Teacher to speak with parents
·     Leadership meet with parents
Disruptive behaviour in lessons (including throwing)
·     Warning
·     Classroom management system
·     Yellow card
·     Red card
·     Speak to leadership
·     Letter home to parents
·     Meeting with parents
·     Exclusion
Disruptive behaviour in and around the school
·     Warning
·     Yellow card
·     Red card
·     Speak to leadership
·     Letter home to parents
·     Meeting with parents
Stealing, interfering with or damaging other people’s or school’s property
·     Speak to leadership
·     Loss of choice in class/parents informed/recompense
Disrespecting others in school, child and adult
·     Apology
·     Speak to leadership
·     Meeting with parents
Verbal/physical abuse of others, including bullying, spitting, running away and racism
·     Speak to leadership and apology
·     Meeting with parents
·     Exclusion



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