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Harlands Educational Trust

The Articles of Association for Harlands Educational Trust state that the Academy Trust shall have the following Governors:

* up to 12 Governors, appointed under Article 50 (these are general governors, and will include persons who are able to bring expertise in areas such as legal, finance or premises matters)
* a minimum of 2 parent govenors
* the headteacher

ie a maximum of 15 in total.

The maximum number of governors (including the headteacher) who can be staff governors shall not exceed one third of the total number of Governors.

Should you need to contact any of the Governors, please contact Mrs K Michael, who is available in the School Office (01444 450782) or by contacting kmichael@harlandsedtrust.org.uk

Members of the Governing Body - Academic Year 17/18

Mrs Allie Young

Chair of Governors

Mrs Cheryl Larocque

Vice Chair of Governors

Mr Jim Beynon

Parent Governor

Mrs Ruth de Mierre


Mr Will Farr


Mrs Lucy Francis


Mr Frank Gainsbury


Mrs Vicki Gilsenan

Parent Governor

Mrs Megan Glew 

Staff Governor

Mr Paul Mills


Mrs Sandie Sansom


Mr Michael Swiggs


Mr Jim Thorne


Mrs Jane Goodlace

Headteacher Ex-Officio

Mrs Karen Michael

Clerk to the Governors

 Full details of the current structure of the governing body, including dates of appointment and committees on which governors serve are available here.

Members of Harlands Educational Trust - wef September 2017

Chair of the Governing Body

Mrs Allie Young

Vice-Chair of the Governing Body

Mrs Cheryl Larocque

Academy Premises Governor

Mr Frank Gainsbury

Academy Finance Governor

Mrs Lucy Francis

Academy Governor Representative

Mr Jim Thorne

 The Members are the governors who have legal responsibility for the Academy Trust as a charitable company limited by guarantee.

Other Officials for Harlands Educational Trust

Accounting Officer

Mrs Jane Goodlace

Company Secretary and

Clerk to the Governing Body

Mrs Karen Michael

Principal Finance Officer

Ms Karen Underwood


Recent Changes to the Governing Body

The following changes in governors have taken place (latest change first):

Mrs V Gilsenan - re-appointed as parent governor for a further four year term from 24 September 2017

Mrs S Sansom - re-appointed as a governor from 21 September 2017

Mr M Swiggs - appointed as a governor from 21 September 2017

Mr J  Beynon - stood down as Chair of Governors from 31 August 2017, and has been replaced by Mrs A Young.

Mrs C Larocque - became Vice-Chair of Governors with effect from 6 July 2017, filling the vacancy created when Mr J Beynon became chair.

Mr J Beynon - became Chair of Governors as a result of the resignation of Mrs L Francis as Chair on 22 May 2017.  However, Mrs L Francis remains a Member and Governor.

Mrs S Sansom - governor/member (originally appointed parent governor 01 September 1996, resigned 17 January 2017)

Mrs J Treharne - governor (originally appointed parent governor 19 October 1999, resigned 17 November 2016)

Mr D Simmonds - staff governor (appointed 24 September 2012, term of office ends 23 September 2016)

Mr R Bryan - parent governor (appointed, 21 September 2012, term of office ended 20 September 2016)

Mrs C Gorniak - staff governor (became governor 13 March 2013, resigned 29 February 2016)


Harlands Educational Trust - Legal Documents

Articles of Association

Annual Report and Accounts 2016 - the latest set of accounts are for the period 1 September 2015 to 31 August 2016.  They consist of:

The Trustees Report (pages 3-13) which outlines the organisational structure, objectives and activities, including results.  A new section (page 4 and page 37 of the notes) details the arrangements for setting pay and remuneration of key management personnel.

The Governance Statement sets out details of the trustees, attendance at meetings, and operational risks and how they are managed.

The Statement of Regularity (page 20) and the Statement of Trustees Responsibilities (page 21) confirm that funds have been used for their proper purposes.

The Audit Report (pages 22-23) is unqualified, whilst the Assurance Report (pages 24-25) outlines the approach employed.

The Statement of Financial Activities (page 26) shows total income and expenditure for both the current and previous years.  Income was slightly down, from £1,560,000 to £1,530,000, mainly due to lower funding grant.  Movement on LGPS costs contributed to a negative net movement in funds of £78,700.  The returns on pension fund investments were at a much lower rate (2% instead of 3.7% in 2015), but this would be the same for all schools.  No extra contributions had been requested at the moment, but the fund was revalued every four years, and it was possible that contributions would move from their current level of 16% to around 19-20% in future.  However, the surplus of around £42,000 on net income was unusual.  No transitional funding for conversion costs had been received in 2016.

The Balance Sheet (page 27) showed the valuation of the land and buildings, creditors and current liabilities.  The school has a reserves policy of one months operational costs plus a small contingency, although the current balance sheet showed figures well in excess of this.  This position is highly likely to change in the current financial year.  The slight reduction in total net assets reflected the pension fund deficits.

Further details on the SOFA and Balance Sheet can be found in the Notes to the Financial Statements.

If you have any questions, or would like any further explanation of the documents, please contact the School Office in the first instance.

The Annual Report and Accounts 2015  is also available here..

Funding Agreeement

Register of Governors' Business/Pecuniary Interests (updated, as at October 2017)

Value for Money Statement (January 2015)

Governor Documents

Governing bodies are required by law to hold the documents outlined below, though the drafting of these policies can be delegated to any member of school staff and, in some cases, model policies provided by WSCC are adopted.

(a) Statutory policies required by education legislation

Charging and remissions policy - WSCC model policy, reviewed May 2012

Performance management policy - WSCC HR policy

School behaviour policy - updated October 2016, copy of policy and appendices, together with a separate anti-bullying document, appendix and decision-making tree, can be downloaded from link.

Sex education policy - Appendix 2 of the wider PSHE and Citizenship Policy details what children are taught.  Parents are always informed beforehand.

Special Educational Needs policy - copy attached, updated November 2014

(b) Statutory policies required by other legislation

Data protection policy - School is registered with Information Commissioner (ICO)

Health and Safety policy -  WSCC model policy adopted

(c) Other statutory documents

Admissions arrangements - Reception admissions remain the responsibility of Local Authority, information available at  www.westsussex.gov.uk/admissions

Accessibility plan - under review, April 2012

Central record of recruitment and vetting checks - held within School

Complaints policy and procedure - February 2017

Freedom of Information publication scheme - ICO model policy adopted

Minutes of meetings of the governing body and its committees - minutes of full governing body meetings may be obtained from the Clerk to Governors

Premises management - planning agreed with WSCC

Publication of equality information and objectivesappended

Register of pupils admitted to school - held within School

Register of pupils attendance - held within School

Staff discipline, conduct and grievance - WSCC model policy adopted

(d) Documents referenced in statutory guidance

Safeguarding Policy (formerly known as Child Protection Policy)

Early Years Foundation Stage - covered through existing school policies 

Statement of Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Abuse against Staff

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions - covered by existing Medical/First Aid policies

Some of these documents, which are particularly relevant to parents, can be accessed by clicking the links. 

Governor Profiles

Brief profiles of the Governors (in alphabetical order) follow:

Jim Beynon - Governor since October 2014, Vice Chair from September 2016, Chair from May 2017 until August 2017

After leaving university I worked initially as a management consultant at NatWest and in corporate finance for Ernst & Young.  For the last 13 years I have worked in a range of analytical and management roles at EDF Energy, most recently in their gas and coal-fired power station division.

I am currently on a career break and have one child at Harlands with a two other children having recently completed their primary education at the school.

The talents that I bring include financial and general management skills, problem solving and a desire to make sure that the children at the school receive the best possible education.

Ruth de Mierre - Governor since July 2016

Ruth is an MSDC councillor, and brings a wealth of community experience and links to Harlands.

William Farr - Governor since July 2016

William comes to Harlands with a particular interest and expertise in SEND matters.

Lucy Francis - Governor since September 2014, Chair of Governors wef September 2016 (and resigned as Chair from May 2017)

After graduating in Law from the University of Southampton, I changed direction and joined Deloitte, where I trained and qualified as a Chartered Accountant. After qualification I spent some time on secondment to the Charity sector, preparing and auditing charities accounts, as well as carrying out training and recruitment for graduates and trainees. I then moved into industry, working in the finance department for several companies where I performed and managed all elements of the accounting and financial reporting functions. 

After taking a career break to raise my children, both of whom are now at Harlands, I have recently started my own bookkeeping and accountancy practice.




Frank Gainsbury - Governor since 1997

I started my career at British Railways in Croydon where I worked for around 12 years and qualified as a Chartered Surveyor. After a year in private practice in London I started my own practice of Chartered Quantity Surveyors in Haywards Heath in 1987. In addition to being a Fellow of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, I am also a qualified Arbitrator and Construction Adjudicator and also act as an Expert Witness in construction disputes.

I am involved at Harlands predominantly as a Governor who helps out with matters related to construction and maintenance works. Over the years I have been involved in numerous projects throughout the school. I am also a governor at Towers Convent School in Upper Beeding where I help them in a similar role to that at Harlands.

Vicky Gilsenan - Governor since September 2013

The past 20 years I have spent working for media companies in print and digiral. I have managed various teams including a sales department of 22 people which gave me the opportunity to aquire skills in mentoring, motivating and training the team in negotiation skills, presentation and pitching for new business. I have also been responsible for creating business plans, launching new products and managing targets. 

I very much enjoy being part of Harlands, becoming a Class Rep when my son joined in 2012 and being involved in the PTA. I hope that parents find me approachable and helpful and I believe that I can bring enthusiasm, passion and dedication to the role of Parent Governor, plus strategic business acumen and various skills acquired in the workplace.

Megan Glew - staff governor since September 2016. 

Megan has been serving as a teacher in KS2 since she joined Harlands in September 2014.  During 2016, she became one of the two Acting Deputy Heads, prior to the appointment of Mr McKeown-Webster.

Cheryl Larocque - Governor since February 2016, Vice-Chair since July 2017

Having recently completed two years as Co-Chair of Harlands PTA, during which time Cheryl masterminded the 50th Anniversary celebrations,  Cheryl has now been appointed as a Governor.  With a background in teaching, and a number of children currently at Harlands, she brings a wealth of relevant experience to the governing body.

Paul Mills - Governor since December 2016

Although Paul has only recently become part of the Harlands family, he is a qualified accountant and brings valuable and relevant expertise to the governing body..

Sandra Sansom - Governor since 1996, stood down in August 2016, having been Chair of Governors since 2004.  Re-appointed as a governor September 2017.

I  trained as a teacher in the mid-70s but never taught in mainstream education although I have taught English as a foreign language in Mexico City and in London. I worked in the financial markets in the City of London for 16 years as an Investment Manager.

The talents I feel that I bring to governance are: time, enthusiasm, commitment, logical thinking, common sense, sound financial and ICT skills. 

Michael Swiggs - appointed governor September 2017

Jim Thorne - Governor since September 2013

I started working life as a broadcast journalist but after a couple of years decided that I was much better suited to a less exciting career in the law. I retrained as a solicitor and have worked as a corporate lawyer ever since, both in private practice as a litigator and now in-house for a multinational company.

I have lived in and commuted from Haywards Heath for many years now, and I now have one child still at Harlands.

Allie Young - Governor since 1997

I grew up Haywards Heath and went to Harlands. 

I have been a nurse for 34 years. I trained at Guy’s Hospital and then worked at King’s College Hospital before moving on to St Thomas’ Hospital to specialise in renal dialysis and transplantation and management and teaching.

I left to move into Practice Nursing. I currently work at Dolphins Practice as a Nurse Practitioner specialising in cardiology, cardiovascular disease and diagnostics. I also manage the nursing team.

Along with HR skills and a lot of common sense I feel I bring knowledge of people and the needs of children to the governor team. I believe that children will learn to the very best of their ability if they enjoy their education and the many years I spent at the cutting edge of medicine have left me with a strong drive for excellence.

Karen Michael  - Clerk to Governors since 2007 & Company Secretary since April 2014

I began my career at the Bank of England as a shorthand secretary, remaining there for 14 years.

I started at Harlands in 2000 as a parent helper and was then asked to provide temporary cover for a Teaching Assistant.  I remained a Teaching Assistant for four years, whilst working additional hours in the School Office as Secretary. I became Bursar in 2006 and added the Clerk’s role in 2007.  From 2014, as part of a review of the School Office, I have become the Headteacher's PA and Office Manager.

Away from Harlands, I have served for a considerable number of years on the Parochial Church Council of St Wilfrid's Church (Haywards Heath), with particular responsibilities for financial matters and charity compliance requirements.  I also lead the weekly Toddler Service on Tuesday afternoons, and sing in the choir.

I consider myself committed and enthusiastic about what I undertake, with a strong sense of duty.  I would regard my talent as being an effective administrator, who enjoys the challenge of finding a way to achieve what may sometimes appear to be the impossible.

Karen Underwood - joined Harlands in February 2014, Chief Financial Officer since September 2014

Following the completion of a Mathematics and Economics degree, Karen qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1995 and then continued her career in industry. She first joined a major retailer as Group Accountant and then had various financial controller posts at a design agency, mobile phone software planning company and a management consultancy over a twelve year period. These covered many aspects of financial control including production of year end accounts, liaising with auditors, leading finance teams and being part of the teams taking two companies to independent public offering.

On having children Karen left her career to focus on them, but continued to use some of her accounting skills in voluntary treasury positions. She then set up independently completing tax returns and company accounts for local businesses. Subsequently Karen joined Harlands. Karen is a keen distance runner and fits this in around work and looking after her children.

Photographic Acknowledgment

The school would like to thank J P Photographic for providing us with the staff photographs used on this page.



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